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AmeriMexican culture combines the best parts of American and Mexican food and holidays. The central traditions of the culture revolve around food, friends, fiestas and salsabrations. The most celebrated AmeriMexican staple is CHI-CHI’S®. All (or almost all) AmeriMexican cuisine uses CHI-CHI’S® products as the predominant ingredients.

The unofficial oral history of AmeriMexican culture places its origins in Wisconsin, circa 1975. It is believed that the term “AmeriMexican” was coined around the same time the culture’s central holiday—Cinco de Juno—came into existence.


AmeriMexican food mixes elements of savory American dishes and zesty Mexican spices. However, it is never overly spicy or complicated. A typical recipe relies on the use of popular, tasty and easy-to-assemble ingredients that are very flavorful without becoming overpowering—a statement that sounds like it was taken from a CHI-CHI’S® product label, to be honest. Some of the top AmeriMexican recipes include:

Many more AmeriMexican staples can be found on the CHI-CHI’S® website, due to the fact that the dishes revolve around their products.


AmeriMexican culture has adopted or created a number of its own holidays. Hallmark celebrations include Cinco de Juno, Whenever de Mayo, Dia de Los Munchies and many more. New holidays continue to pop up as the culture expands in notoriety and breadth. The driving forces behind these new fiestivities are K.C. Dilla and Mary Atchi, two pioneering fans in the AmeriMexican movement.