Buenos Nachos

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Buenos Nachos

Buenos nachos is a traditional AmeriMexican salutation. Specifically, it is the correct way to say “goodnight” while preparing a late-night snack. Common dishes that go hand in hand with the greeting include Texas Nachos and Cheesy Chicken Nachos. A majority of these late-night dishes include CHI-CHI’S® tortillas and chips as a primary ingredient.

Origins of phrase

The phrase “buenos nachos” actually started as a mistake. Late one night, K.C. Dilla awoke and decided to make a quick snack in the microwave. When the timer went off, Mary Atchi went out to investigate. After seeing what Dilla was up to she started back to bed right as K.C. pulled his nachos out of the microwave. While saying goodnight, he accidentally said “buenos nachos” instead of “buenos noches” and the phrase stuck.

Widespread usage

After the late-night mistake, Dilla and Atchi started to use the phrase on a regular basis. One night, “buenos nachos” was said while the couple was hosting friends from out of town. Thus, the phrase began to pop up in the households of AmeriMexican fans around the country.

To date, the phrase has been heard as far west as Colorado and as east as Pennsylvania. However, as the AmeriMexican culture continues to spread so does the vocabulary. It is estimated that buenos nachos will be part of the popular worldwide vernacular by 2020. This hypothesis is based on nothing more than a blind guess and wishful thinking.

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