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A de nodoff is the nap taken after a big AmeriMexican meal. Meals that often incite a de nodoff include Black Bean Lasagna and Chicken Fajita Pizza. While de nodoffs are not always voluntary, they are unanimously seen as a compliment to the chef.

Appropriate time and place

Because de nodoffs are not always planned, it can cause problems if they occur at the wrong time or place. Sometimes, a de nodoff simply makes you look silly at a family function or neighborhood event. In one instance, an AmeriMexican fan fell asleep mid-scoop with their hand in a bowl of salsa. This took place in the middle of a Cinco de Juno block party.

At other points, unplanned de nodoffs can instigate friction during higher-profile events. Fancy AmeriMexican dinner parties, upscale business dinners and celebrations like weddings or graduations make for less than ideal de nodoff conditions. In such instances, it’s a good idea to opt for lighter dishes such as Festive Stuffed Peppers or Black Bean & Corn Salad.

Integration with holidays

De nodoffs have become a staple in many AmeriMexican holidays. Most notably, it is part of the agenda during traditional Cinco de Juno fiestas. After the main meal, most adults at the party gather in the living room and tell stories until everyone in the group is asleep. The last person to stay awake gets an extra helping of dessert or additional sampling of the AmeriMexican dish of their choosing.

Less formal celebrations have also adopted de nodoffs. They are now an expected practice at birthday parties, piñata smashings and football fiestas. It is unspoken rule that no one disturbs the napper during these specific events.

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