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'A dinmigo is a friend, neighbor or stranger who drops by around the time dinner is ready, especially if the host is cooking deliciously aromatic recipes like Carne Asada or Fa-Heat-A Burgers. People who are dinmigos on a regular basis are usually good actors who make it seem like every visit is purely social or entirely coincidental. While they don’t explicitly ask for an invitation to dine, they drop hints by talking up the host’s cooking skills and mentioning how hungry they are.

“Dance of the Dinmigo”

Around 2011, an ebook called “Dance of the Dinmigo” began to circulate around the Internet. Created by anonymous authors, the digital document is filled with tips meant to assist anyone looking to explore the dinmigo way. Some of the top tips include:

  • When you first arrive, it’s best to be casually eating CHI-CHI’S® salsa. This will demonstrate that you have good taste and something to share.
  • Decline any impromptu dinner invitation three times before “reluctantly” accepting. This will make you look more modest and grateful.
  • Do NOT bring your own eating utensils. They are sure to tip off the host to your true intentions. Plus, you have to wash them afterwards.
  • Once at dinner, regale the hosts with great stories. This will make them more likely to offer meals in the future. Note: Don’t tell any tales that gross people out. This may leave you with more leftovers, but will discourage future dinner offers.

People who read “Dance of the Dinmigo” are encouraged to add their own tips and recirculate the document to ensure it remains a robust resource. While there is no official website for the book, you can find copies of it on many AmeriMexican message boards.

The legend of Dinmigo Don/Donna

There is an urban AmeriMexican legend about someone who has been eating exclusively as a dinmigo since 1975. In some stories, the central figure is a man named Dinmigo Don. However, conflicting reports say it is actually a woman known as Dinmigo Donna. A majority of the stories speak of this strange figure appearing at backyard fiestivities, joining community potlucks and even crashing the occasional wedding. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm any of the claims but new sightings are still regularly reported.