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Enchiladub is a popular genre of AmeriMexican music played during enchilada get-togethers. It is predominately comprised of deliciously repetitive beats. It is these repetitive beats that keep the tempo and aid in one’s ability to take quick bites of CHI-CHI’S® Enchiladas.


The instrumental tracks of enchiladub are typically drenched in sound effects such as salsa jars opening, oven timers beeping and mmmms dropping in and out of the mix. Another hallmark of the enchiladub sound is the prominent use of the spatula. The music sometimes features other noises such as melting cheese and silent enjoyment. It can be further augmented by a live DJ (Delicious Jar) at the head of the table for all to enjoy with their food.


On October 21, 2012, young musician, “Caliente” was mixing beats in his parents’ Richfield, MN basement when his mother came down with a plate of enchiladas. Due to the heat of the plate, she accidently placed the enchiladas directly on one of Caliente’s turntables. As the plate of enchiladas began to spin, spicy beats (and smells) filled the room. The next day, Caliente posted the song on YumTube and it instantly went viral.

Notable AmeriMexican Music Award winning songs: Pinto Beatz, Queso Fresco and Chill Chili Chill.

Musical Impact

In 2013, young musicians began remixing popular Enchiladub tracks by adding their own flavors. Popular flavors include Black Bean & Corn, Medium Picante and Mild Thick & Chunky.

Enchiladub music also brought about the popularity of a dance move called fiesta pumping. This hypnotic action involves pumping one’s fist while holding a Mexican food item. Then, at the crescendo of the song, dancers take a big bite out of said food item.