Fiesta Pumping

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Fiesta Pumping is a popular dance move among young AmexiMericans. This hypnotic action involves pumping one’s fist while holding a Mexican food item, typically made with CHI-CHI’S® products. At the crescendo of the song, fiesta pumpers take a big bite out of said food item.


Fiesta pumping is widely performed at Salsabrations and other Fiestivities. During intense moments of musical euphoria one clenches their Mexican food item in their fist and pumps it rhythmically in the air to techno or Enchiladub music. One may also flex their muscles in response to the deliciousness of their Mexican food item. Heavy flexing tends to occur when said food item is made with CHI-CHI’S® products.


Originally used as a way to keep others from snatching one’s Mexican food item, the repetitive fist motion was later modified into a delicious dance move. The exact date of the first fist full of Mexican food to fly through the air is unknown.

Cultural Impact

Fiesta pumping rose in popularity when cast members from the hit TV show Tasty Shore were seeing enjoying the dance move. Most notably, The Salsuation was an avid fiesta pumper and developed a reputation for his performances. His favorite food to fiesta pump with was CHI-CHI’S® Enchiladas.