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A fiesta siesta is a traditional afternoon break taken before a big evening of food, drink or both. A staple in the weekend of many AmeriMexican fans, fiesta siestas can range from a twenty-minute period of general relaxation to a two-hour nap. While there is no set definition of what activities require a fiesta siesta, the break is generally recommended before any outing that is expected to last until bar-close or later.

Widespread appeal

The Fiesta Siesta remains one of the most widely adopted AmeriMexican traditions, both within the culture and those who are not familiar with it. Especially popular with college students, fiesta siestas are second only to CHI-CHI’S® product] as the most common way people get in touch with AmeriMexican culture. Even if only a few of them are aware of it.

Appropriate length

There is contention surrounding the correct length and intensity of the ideal fiesta siesta. Some AmeriMexican scholars believe that shorter is better and sleep is not required. This helps you relax without inciting drowsiness. Others put their faith in the motto “a longer siesta makes for a bueno fiesta.” To date, there is no scientific evidence that favors either approach.

Importance to holidays

Fiesta siestas are an important component of nearly every AmeriMexican holiday. Consequently, Cinco de Juno, Whenever de Mayo and Dia de los Munchies each have time built into their traditional agendas. This allows for more robust celebrations and after-fiestas that last late into the noche.