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Fiestivities are plans that sound ambitious but are really excuses to get together and have fun. Sometimes, these activities are known beforehand. Other times, they evolve from well intentioned but usually misguided attempts to get something done. Fiestivities are generally seen as positive events, though they can often lead to delays.

History of the tradition

Fiestivities have existed for hundreds of years but officially got their name in the late 1990’s after an office brought its staff to a CHI-CHI’S® restaurant for food and teambuilding exercises. The “teambuilding” quickly turned into story swapping as the group exchanged tales about their first margarita and the day that each of them “swore off” tequila. Temporarily, anyway.

Notable fiestivities

The great study group of 2004

In December of 2004, eight college students from a Midwest college got together to study for a Spanish final. The host of the study session decided it would be fun to inspire the group with some snacks, specifically CHI-CHI’S® White Corn Tortilla Chips, CHI-CHI’S® Original Recipe Salsa Medium and Cheesy Chicken Fajita Dip. But the group soon got so distracted that the evening transformed into an epic fiestivity. While no one in attendance received higher than a C-on their final, they all fondly remember the night as their first true fiestivity.

The deck raising of 2010'

In the spring of 2010, a Minnesota family decided to tackle a weekend project with some friends. A plan to add a deck to the back of the Johnson’s house took a detour after approximately one hour of work, thanks to some Slow Cooker Turkey Tacos, followed by some little fiesta siestas. Several folks turned the event into a fiestivity by playing games and building a temporary fort out of lumber meant for the project.


Experts of AmeriMexican culture generally agree that there is one person in every group who transforms normal activities into fiestivities. This individual is known as a funstigator. They often have no intention of accomplishing the planned task or agenda on any given day. They are simply looking for an excuse to kick off a fiesta among friends.

Perhaps the most well known funstigator in recent years is K.C. Dilla. In one instance, he handed out cups of CHI-CHI’S® chips and salsa instead of water at a 5k Fun Run. Another time, he derailed a road trip by taking a “shortcut” to the nearest grocery store with CHI-CHI’S® products. On both occasions, Dilla was eventually gracias-ed by everyone involved.