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Whenever de Mayo is a recent holiday concept created by AmeriMexican fans and inspired by Cinco de Mayo, which of course is also celebrated by AmeriMexican fans. Each occurrence of this particular occasion is marked with lots of good company, great food featuring CHI-CHI’S® products and a number of refreshing drinks.

While the holiday is not celebrated on any specific date, it is understood that the associated fiestivities and salsabrations take place on whichever weekend day is closest to the fifth of May. For example, if Cinco de Mayo falls on a Tuesday, Whenever de Mayo would be celebrated before then on Saturday/Sunday (see Whenever de Mayo Dos). If Cinco de May takes place on a Wednesday, it is celebrated on a Friday/Saturday (again, see Whenever de Mayo Dos).

Background of holiday

Whenever de Mayo was started by AmeriMexican fans who did not want midweek Cinco de Mayo festivities to hinder their work life. The group decided to add additional holiday time in order to properly salsabrate Cinco de Mayo without concern for missed meetings or forgotten presentations at work.

After a small band of party planners made the first Whenever de Mayo a success, the holiday began to spread around AmeriMexican households and communities. Today it is one of the culture’s most revered holidays.

Whenever de Mayo Dos

Anytime Cinco de Mayo falls on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, Whenever de Mayo is celebrated on a Friday. To capitalize on the weekend’s availability, many AmeriMexican fans celebrate an additional day. This is known as Whenever de Mayo Dos. This secondary, unofficial holiday usually takes place on the Saturday immediately following the Friday fiestas. When Cinco de Mayo falls on a Monday or Tuesday, Whenever de Mayo is Saturday and Whenever de Mayo Dos is Sunday.

A majority of these details aren’t terribly important. Just remember that fiestivities from Friday or Saturday often spill into Saturday or Sunday, respectively, with little to no break. In these cases, Whenever de Mayo Dos is always marked with a ceremonial Bloody Mary.

See also

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Dia de los Munchies: A floating holiday that can take place nearly any time somebody decides to host an AmeriMexican fiesta that lasts at least four hours.