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A Yumbrero is a delicious, wide-brimmed hat made of CHI-CHI’S® tortilla chips, typically worn at AmeriMexican gatherings. It traditionally has a large, deep bowl shape on top to hold CHI-CHI’S® salsa. The extra-wide brim makes for easy sharing with others.


Yumbreros were designed in response to the demands of the physical environment. Traditional hats lacked the shareability and taste needed at salsabrations. The concept for the eatable broad-brimmed design allows AmeriMexicans the convenience of taking the party with them wherever they go. In hot, sunny climates, Yumbreros not only provide shade, but also snacks.

Cultural Influence

Many early AmeriMexican cowboys adopted the Yumbrero as it was essential for long treks across vast terrain. It provided them essential shade from the hot desert sun and delicious snacks for all. While Yumbreros are made to hold any CHI-CHI’S® brand salsa, CHI-CHI’S® Fiesta Garden Salsa is the preferred favorite among AmeriMexican horses and cowboys alike. Yumbrero legend has it that one inventive cowboy successfully extended the brim of his Yumbrero far enough to provide shade and tasty access not only for himself but also for his amigo travelers behind, to the right and to the left of him.


In 2012, a group of ambitious young AmeriMexicans designed a Yumbrero to feed 231 partygoers. The center bowl housed 57 jars of CHI-CHI’S® salsa. As of today, the record still stands in the CHI-CHI’S® brand Libro of Delicious Records.